Saturday, September 10, 2011

Confessions of a hockey fan

Every year, at this time, I get antsy. Rookie camps have started, pre season is just around the corner. Watching TSN & RDS from the time I get home until bedtime. Thinking who's gonna make the team, who's going to have a good year, what will the Habs do, which players look promising etc etc etc. This year, it's not the same. Don't get me wrong. I'm a hockey fan and everything revolves around hockey in my household, however, it is just not as exciting as it's been in the past. I can't even point my finger and say "THIS is the reason why" but rather a melee of the events of the past season.

I guess it all started with,well, Colon (YES I call him that because that's exactly what he is) Campbell. The NHL's master disciplinarian. The iron hand who laid down the law against everyone, who was not a Bruin of course. Bitter? Maybe I am,maybe I'm not but the facts show for themselves. You all know the details of how Bruins were slapped on the wrist, while players of other teams got suspensions for the same acts. Indecent actions: Wizniewski vs Ferrence. Sucker punches..(LUCIC)..where do I start. Head shots...attempted murder on Pacioretty. Need I go on? The NHL, Gary Bettman and his sidekick really sucked the life out of me last season. The obvious favouritism was sickening.

And now, Jacques Martin. Two seasons of his "system" and I've had enough of  drowsy hockey. I've had enough of HIS favouritism. I've had enough of "I'll move this Russian down a line, when he's hot,scoring goals and winning games for us, because I just don't like Russians or I want to teach every other North American on this team a lesson" attitude. Makes sense? No? Exactly my point.However I did kinda see a difference in our Coach Martin last season towards the young guys. Maybe he got scolded for targeting Sergei Kostitsyn, humiliating him,treating him like scrap and losing him 2 years ago,that maybe Coach changed his "I am King" attitude. Maybe.

Then there's the hockey fans,especially some Habs fans. The most bi-polar fans in the world. People call them passionate. I don't. I call them selfish and mesmerized. Selfish because they believe that if they are at a game, Habs have to win. Mesmerized because they eat up everything prejudiced media throws at them. They love their team when they win.When they lose, they're picking on the usual suspects blindly, ie: Scott Gomez & Andrei Kostitsyn (he's an easy target for reasons fabricated).Umm, how's our 6 million dollar diva doing so far? * crickets*

This past year in hockey has been, to say the least, the worst ever. The hockey community has been filled with the loss of lives, too many lives. Too many young families affected. So much sadness, that, instead of looking forward to the first game, first puck drop and action....there will be sad memorials for fallen players in nearly every arena this season. Instead of tears of happiness and excitement that hockey is back, there will be the reminders of all the lives that were taken.

Why is life so unfair?

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