Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Instead of writing a whole blog on each of the following issues, I've decided to bundle recent events affecting the Habs and media, in what I will try to make a weekly entry.

  • Pierre McGuire, stop talking about your coaching days with the Penguins.That was over 18 years ago, your "coaching" skills are irrelevant, as are your GM abilities. (that's why no team will hire you)
  • RDS seems to have missed the boat on what's exciting about the Ducks coming to the Bell Centre on Saturday. WE DON'T CARE ABOUT MAXIME LAPIERRE. It's SAKU KOIVU'S return to Montreal, it's his night. ACCEPT IT.
  • For Benoit Brunet all I have to say is there are many cities you can move to,take your pick between Minnesota, Pittsburgh, Tampa Bay and now Anaheim. Buh Bye.
  • Francois Gagnon, if you call Andrei Kostitsyn a mule again, I will tie you up and make you watch YOUTUBE tributes to him and Sergei over and over. How old are you? 12? Grow up already.
  • Randy Tieman's prejudice towards European players is as profound, if not, worse than Mike Milbury's. Your opinion of Alexei Kovalev and Andrei Kostitsyn doesn't count. You're a Red Wings fan, move to Detroit already.
  • Regarding PK Subban, don't change. Be who YOU are always. We love you.
  • For Jacques Martin, I would like to ONCE see you stick up for your players, be it to the media or the refs.You might be surprised with the outcome when you show you have a heart and feelings. Look at Lindy Ruff and how he changed the game last night.
  • Regarding the NHL refs, if you are going to put your whistles away, keep them equally disposed of for both teams. Don't call a penalty against the Habs with under a minute left in a tie game....especially after you've missed four penalties against the other team. Fair is fair, no?
  • On the PK celebration, anyone who has a problem with it, stop watching hockey, it's not for you. I hear Lacrosse is a great sport to follow.
  • To the Antichambre guys who dissected the "Gomez snub", let it go. We did not need to see it in slow motion over and over and over again. You don't know WHY it happened, you don't know the circumstances, so LET IT GO. PLEASE.
Ah, that feels better. Thanks.