Thursday, September 23, 2010

Here we go again

It's Deja-vu all over again. First pre season game and if it's not the media that chastises the Habs, it's the so called "Fans". You know which ones I'm talking about? The ones in the nose bleeds who have no idea what's happening on the ice, because they can't see that far down and need oxygen masks to breathe because of the altitude.The ones who just see a goal  go in against the Habs and automatically blame the goaltender. Granted, a couple were weak, but who cares? Everyone is getting their feet wet in the first pre-season game, even the veterans. Cammy and Spacek didn't have a great game either. Where was Pouliot?He seemed okay at first,then nada. So why call out Carey Price? Why are you booing him?

People in Montreal need to realize that the more the media and "fans" become selfish, the more the team and players will not give a shit about you. That was your #1 goalie you were booing, in the first game of the pre-season! ARE YOU SERIOUS??? We all missed hockey, we were all desperate to see the Habs back on the ice and play a game. We all hoped to see a win and a great performance from the start, but that didn't happen.

We were rusty. The rookies were nervous as hell, the vets weren't perfect either.There was no chemistry, at FIRST, but as the game progressed, things got better on the ice.Yet, these "fans" still booed Pricey and cheered when he touched the puck,in what they conjured as a stop.

Get some class people. The media is not the sole reason why high end players don't want to come play for Montreal,you add to that.