Thursday, September 2, 2010

Like a mule!

Anyone else fed up of the constant reminders of Habs players past actions? I, for one, can't take it anymore. The amount of stupidities I've heard the last two days about Price are simply unacceptable. Everyone remembers the famous pictures of him on vacation, right? RIGHT! How can we forget those when they are constantly being slapped in our faces.The irony of some media members is disgusting. Do we really care what Price did on vacation 3 years ago after winning the Calder Cup? What does that have to do with today? What significance does the actions of a 20 year old on vacation have on the man he is today? Why don't some of these media types just focus on relevant facts rather than trying to stir the pot.It is because of these biased people that some "fans" will boo once a mistake is made,or a soft goal is let it. It is because of these people that more fragile players run out of town, and why other players are reluctant to come here. In the famous words of Craig Rivet regarding Montreal "it is a what have you done for me lately "place. For that Craig, you have to thank the stubborn mules that focus on irrelevant issues of the past and fill our air waves with nonsense and "EXPERT"opinions,add the "fans" who have no opinion of their own to that list.

Let it go already