Wednesday, September 29, 2010

My Canadiens 12 man roster

I will never back down from a challenge. So I was informed that @schmitzysays challenged all bloggers to post their 12 man forward roster, although I am new to blogging, I do know my hockey, so here goes.

1st line: Cammy- Pleky-Tit or Tank(or AK46,not to be confused with his brother Titty-SK74, sigh)

Mostly because they do have chemistry. Pleky has played with AK46 for a few years now and he can set up anybody. Also playing with Cammy in the pre-season, will only help them figure each others movements better.
This is my first line because Cammy has been challenged to score 40 goals this year, AK46 is in a contract year and Pleky, well he's just an energizer bunny who doesn't quit!

2nd line: Giant(Gionta)-Gogo(Gomez)- Pou (no explanation needed)

Yes I know, Pou is better at cleaning the ice with his bum rather than hustling and trying to score goals,but I'm not willing to give up on him yet.He hasn't been impressive in the pre-season in ANY way. Actually, he's been rather dormant,but I'd put him in there for now, on a very VERY short leash.It also helps my decision that he is on a 1 year contract.
As for Gogo and Giant, they're like an old married couple: they know exactly what the other is thinking and what they're about to do.

 3rd line: Tom Pyatt(TP. AKA:Teachers Pet)-Eller (Tin Tin)-Yappy (Lapierre)

The kids line. Let them go out and reap havoc.I was VERY impressed with Tin Tin in the pre-season. he's a big body and a natural center. I am also happy that Yappy from 2 years ago appears to have healed and is back for good.And, although TP took over my boy's position(SK74) I will not hold it against him. Although he hasn't really impressed me this pre-season, we know what a great penalty killer he is..and he can score too.

4th line: Moen(Plumber, get it)-Halpern-White(Feisty Munster or just Munster)

The shit disturber line. I love the aggression the Plumber has shown in the pre-season (something he was criticized for not doing last season). Halpern is a vet, who has a scoring touch and a good hockey sense (ya, ok, don't know much about him, shoot me). And Munster? What can I say about this kid? I liked him last year...this year, I adore him. A true team player, willing to sacrifice himself for anything and anyone, AND he can score!

On the bench: Boyd and Desharnais.
These boys are here in case Pou just can't get out of the Marshmallow (Latendresse, I am French, therefore I am God syndrome) and also in case White doesn't pan out for the NHL yet.

That's all. Let me know what you think. I was told I can't clone AK46 AND I am not allowed to trade SK74 back to the Habs, so this is all I got.

Waivers: Doctor Darche
I hate doing this, because he hasn't done anything wrong, but he's slow and doesn't fit our speedy roster.