Saturday, March 3, 2012


(I took this title from a Buffy the Vampire Slayer, season 6 episode,because it's just so appropriate)

You've obviously noticed that I haven't really blogged much this season about the Habs, because quite honestly, I didn't know what to say. I mean, why keep bitching about the same media types game in & game out right? Why not just bottle everything up inside and just write it once. Lately, I've been so annoyed by one media member that I can't hold back any longer. I figured it's about time that I let out MY frustrations and feelings. I won't mention any names, but for the sake of simplicity, let's call him TMz.

As someone who does not favour one player over another because of ethnicity, family ties or language, I feel I need to write this blog because I am fed up of some media types who report solely on their own personal agendas. These so called "expert analysts" have such mass exposure in our population, and I am personally fed up of them expressing their opinions as facts. Especially, when these opinions are construed in such a way, to benefit said personal agendas. Take TMz for example. WHERE DO I START? Well, I could start 15 games into the season, when after continuously referring to Andrei Kostitsyn as Mr Inconsistent, he said in the same breath how Mike Cammalleri was a streaky player. Fine, I guess I could accept that, since it was so early in the season, I figured Cammy would actually go on a "hot streak" and score some goals....he didn't quite do that now, did he?

Now, over 2 months since Cammy's trade to the Calgary Flames, TMz is still whining and crying about it. Blaming Habs management for rushing the trade, not getting enough for our sniper & furthermore, embarrassing him by trading him mid game. He went on and on about his playoff performance 2 years ago. TWO years ago. The same playoffs that Gomez excelled in as well with 14 points to Cammy's 19, but since then, TMz has mocked Gomez openly and repeatedly. At the time of the trade, that was his only sustainable argument. He was correct. Cammy WAS our best forward and led us to the semi-finals with Halak, Hal Gill and the team as a whole. I won't deny that, no one can deny that.

What I do question, however, is why a media type would harp on a players performance from two years ago, rather than actually discus the present. I'm not here to pick on Cammy, but at the time of his trade, he had 9 goals. 2 1/2 months into a new season, and he only had 9 goals, barely any hits, was unwilling to battle for pucks or position, and was guilty of turnovers that resulted in goals against... an all around disinterested lackluster performance which can go back to last years regular season as well.

And then February 19, 2012 came along. Habs hosted the New Jersey Devils and lost 3-1. Habs being plagued by the flu, missing bodies and the Pleky, Bourque, Darche line ended up being -9 on the night. Obviously, not a very good night for the trio, but TMz found a reason to satisfy his needs. He finally got a stat that would vindicate him. After that night, he commenced a "compare Bourque to Cammy" campaign. His argument being Bourque was NOW a -5 since the trade while Cammy was only a -3. WOW. And believe it or not, that BS spread like wildfire on twitter among Cammy fans. In TMz's mind, at THAT particular time, HE won, Flames won and Habs lost in that trade. Sure.

There are many ways to view the Cammy trade. To some, it was a desperation move by Pierre Gauthier to save his job. Maybe, but maybe not. Was it classless? Yes, I think we can all agree that things like that don't happen, especially when it involves a storied franchise like the Montreal Canadiens, who are known for being a classy organization, and their playoff, record breaking star sniper.

So why not step back a bit and look at the big picture. Habs traded a "star" player mid game. Did they do it because of his "loser mentality" embarrassing comments, or did they do it because they wanted him as far away from the team as fast as possible? My opinion is the latter. I mean, we all saw his compete level on the ice over the last 2 regular seasons. If he was such a winner and hated a loser mentality so much, maybe HE should have tried just a little and showed some interest. Don't you think? Doesn't this make you think why the LA Kings & Calgary Flames didn't want him back?(Yes,I know Flames got him back, but under a new GM) Is TMz the only person who will not admit that Cammy has an attitude & ego problem? To be honest, I'm happy that the Habs organization found a buyer for his astronomical contract. I'm happy we cleared cap space, grew inches & have a 2nd round pick in next years deep draft.

So what's my point for this? My point is that to the fair-weather fan or even the die-hard one who doesn't watch all the games, and relies on intelligent media analysis and tunes in to TMz, is not getting facts, actually, they aren't getting anything intelligent. They are receiving the biased, personal opinions of a person who lost his "contact"and family friend in the Habs locker room. They are being fed with misleading information that satisfies this persons self fulfilling fantasy of being the center of attention. And, because of this, I don't waste my time listening to him anymore. It's people like this that the Habs organization needs to allow only limited time with the team. People Like TMz & F Gagnon need to have their all access,carte blanche  passes removed, because they report based on personal agendas. They are the ones that create havoc in Habs land and create the hate and love that is showed towards certain players on the team. I personally have had enough of them.