Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Habs lose in Philadelphia 3-2, and Montreal is in panic mode. Habs "lost to a better team"....though we shut them out last week. Trade "this" player, "why was he on the ice", "what a bad play" . Really? All the Habs GM's, coaches and scouts were on twitter tonight....between classes and favourite TV shows. grrr

The Flyers wanted it more, plain and simple and in front of their fans. Habs failed to show up for the final 40 minutes of play, except for Price of course, and all of a sudden we suck. Need I remind everyone that Habs are 3rd in the Eastern Conference, FIRST in our division and fourth OVERALL in the league, without Markov. We suck? I think not.

I ask all Habs fans just to please chill out, relax...it's ONE game.It does suck that Price played incredibly again and he deserved the win, on his play alone. But, the other 18 players failed to show up after the 2 goal lead, or sat back on the lead, against a deep team, in their barn, after 20 minutes....it was inevitable. Whatever the message was in the first intermission, be it from the leaders or the coach...it was wrong. (I'm betting on the coach, but I won't get into that, because you all know my feelings about him)

So Habs lost a road game, it hurts and maybe I'm just being a fangirl, but I truly believe we have a great team, a unified lockerroom and I'm forgiving them for the no show in the last 40 minutes of the game tonight. It would have been nice to stick it to the Flyers in their building and we did...for the first 20 minutes, unfortunately, we didn't come out with the "W".

On a good note, Max Lapierre got out of his funk tonight with the Habs 2 goals. He had a great game and played smart. Gomez, will turn his game around, as he proved it last year by being a point a game player in the second half of the season and the playoffs.

It's a long season, there will be ups and downs, and in my opinion, a road loss to the Flyers, after we embarrassed them last week, is nothing to cry about, especially since they actually came out to play hockey rather than be the goons that they usually are.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


I know I'm not the first, and I won't be the last to write about last nights Habs vs Flyers game, and Mike Richards' comments so here goes.
The Flyers were on a 9-0-1 streak coming into the Bell Centre last night,probably expecting to steam roll over the little Habs, but that didn't happen. Carey Price shut them out, and as you can guess, and probably saw, things got a little feisty. Flyers down 2-0, Darrol Powe started throwing his weight around and thus resulted in Jeff Halpern leaving the game with a head injury to start the third. Mike Richards went after Andrei Kostitsyn, whom P.K. Subban went to defend simply by standing between both players, but Richards took exception to that and hit P.K. And then the classy move by Laviolette, with less than 2 minutes remaining in the third, he sends Jody Shelley on the ice to "play", ...he then found himself in the sin bin. Imagine if pornstache Carcillo was "playing" last night, I don't even want to think about that, because he is just in a slimy class of his own, even Sean Avery can't make the leap into that category.

The goons came out to play last night for the Flyers, starting with their dirty coach. Remember the 2005-06 Play offs? How can Habs fans and Oilers fans, for that matter, forget that. The Hurricanes were down 2-0 in the series against the Habs, until Justin Williams "accidentally" almost poked Saku Koivu's eye out.We lost Koivu for the remainder of the series and ended up being eliminated. The Hurricanes then went to the finals, where they "accidentally" destroyed Dwayne Roloson's knees and won the Cup. Good job assholes.

Now, Laviolette is back behind the bench of a team that really doesn't need the added goonery (is that a word? Well, I just made it one) I guess he was just the perfect fit for a team and organization of egotistical thugs that go back to the days of Bobby Clark. If you can't beat them by playing hockey, try to decapitate them or break their knees. <-----this is probably written all over their lockerroom.

Now on to Mike Richards's  post game comments about P.K. Subban
(credit to Team 990 for the audio)

"You have to earn respect in this league.It takes a lot. You can't just come in here as a rookie and play like that. It's not the way to get respect from other players around the league."

BOO HOO. Need a tissue, you goon? Mike Richards had the guts to say this, on record.This, coming from a guy who made the NHL change the rule book on head shots. This, from the guy who maliciously elbowed David Booth last year in October, leaving him unconscious on the ice, who then had to endure months of suffering and rehab. Booth missed 54 games because of him and HE commands respect?

So according to Richards, PK should have left him alone while he was taking liberties punching Andrei Kostitsyn and not defend one of the top scorers on the Habs. Richards, you might play just for yourself, but the Habs play as a team.


"Hopefully someone on their team addresses it because,uh, I'm not saying I'm going to do it,but something might happen to him if he continues to be that cocky"

Well, I was unaware that a competitive athlete in the NHL had to bend over and kiss Richards's behind. According to him,PK, being a rookie, has no right to trash talk or defend a teammate.

You want your mommy now Mikey?

This guy is unbelievable. I really hope the NHL makes a point of paying special attention to the Habs/Flyers rematch on November 29, 2010, because if I didn't know any better, I'd say that was an out right  threat. If the Flyers had the audacity to pull the stunts they did last night in OUR building,imagine what they will do in front of their raunchy fans. You remember the fans from last year? The ones that booed Spacek after he got up from being boarded and blood seeped out of the holes in his helmet. Yeah, those ones.

You got beat Mike Richards, TRY to take it like a man, rather than a whiny goon.THAT'S how you'll get respect, ,however, in your case, I think you've passed beyond that point. I guess it's fair to say that you let a rookie get in your head.



Thursday, November 4, 2010

Opening the Vault - Here I go AGAIN!

I promised I would not write about Sergei Kostitsyn (SK74) anymore. I said my good-bye, wished him luck with the Nashville Predators and I've moved on, in a way. However, a recent event has forced me to open that wound again. The ignorance and selective memories of some people in Montreal is making it impossible for me to completely heal from last season's events. I guess I have Max Pacioretty (Patches) to thank for that.

By now,everyone has heard about Patches comments regarding Coach Martin, being a top 6 forward and preferring to stay with the Hamilton Bulldogs. How if he was called upon,by the Habs to help out the Gionta- Gomez line, he would gladly do it. Well, excuse us Mr Professional. Last I checked, he was always among the first cut at training camp.

However,this post is not about his comments, or self glorification, but about the positive reactions to them by some media and Habs fans. In essence,Patches is being viewed as a hero. He has been described as "humble", "professional" and " still young". REALLY? You've got to be kidding me.

So, of course,me being...well, me, I post a comment about this and SK74 on twitter, and I got flooded with responses supporting Patches and chastising SK74. It's unbelievable how many people choose to only remember the events of September 2009 (and February 2008, of course that goes without saying),hence my use of the words "selective memories".

My understanding from these tweets is that it's okay for a seasoned veteran (sarcasm) like Patches to come out and criticize his potential coach, ice time and his top 6 status, but SK74's immature action's from last pre season are unforgivable and/or unforgettable. Patches is a hero for speaking his mind and considering himself a NHL top 6 forward, but SK74 was a "diva" for considering himself a NHLer (rightfully so). Patches could mouth off, in a polite way, but SK74 gets buried alive.

I have to say,I was not proud or happy with the reaction from SK74 last year.It was wrong, period. Then, however, I remembered something else. First week of training camp, with a NEW coach, NEW system and NEW teammates, Coach Martin singled out SK74, swore at him for being out of position. He embarassed and made an example of him on the first day. (I am pretty sure he was not the only player do make a mistake on day 1, but whatever)

So, SK74 got sent down to AHL, refused to go, got suspended. yada yada yada. When he did report, he played 16 games, earning 4 goals + 9 assists (Patches played 18 games with 2 goals + 9 assists) and got recalled by the Habs on Nov. 23rd 2009, and played on Nov. 24th, and earned 1st star ( I know, I was there, standing and cheering proudly)
                                             Fittingly, his face was on the ticket as well:)

After some injuries, SK74 returned to the line up in March 2010, and carried the team on his shoulders, being a star in 5 of the 9 games he played, before suffering from lingering injuries again.People tend to forget, and/or refuse to admit that he was a key in getting us into the playoffs. People only remember the negative (or made up) reports and stories about him.

Then, one lazy error in the first round of the 2010 playoffs against the Capitals, was the end of SK74 in Montreal. It's almost as if Coach Martin was just waiting for any reason to make an example of him, yet again,, be it to appease the media or because SK74 was a young kid with talent and a edge to him. However, Coach Martin made a fool of Mathieu Darche in the process.

So what is my point? My point is that a lot of people prefer to remember a specific negative event surrounding one person, who does not speak their language and hence can't clearly defend himself, or articulate an insult in such a way, that they end up being sympathized. Patches came out and blatantly criticized Coach Martin's style, praised Carbonneau, inflated his talent and got sympathy and support from most media and fans.All that, while SK74 is still the punching bag.

In my opinion, Patches just begged the Habs organization to trade him before Coach Martin does to him what he did to SK74.(You all still remember that picture of P.K. Subban consoling SK74 right?, yeah, I can't look at that picture it breaks my heart)

Thanks for reading and please leave a comment.