Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Habs lose in Philadelphia 3-2, and Montreal is in panic mode. Habs "lost to a better team"....though we shut them out last week. Trade "this" player, "why was he on the ice", "what a bad play" . Really? All the Habs GM's, coaches and scouts were on twitter tonight....between classes and favourite TV shows. grrr

The Flyers wanted it more, plain and simple and in front of their fans. Habs failed to show up for the final 40 minutes of play, except for Price of course, and all of a sudden we suck. Need I remind everyone that Habs are 3rd in the Eastern Conference, FIRST in our division and fourth OVERALL in the league, without Markov. We suck? I think not.

I ask all Habs fans just to please chill out, relax...it's ONE game.It does suck that Price played incredibly again and he deserved the win, on his play alone. But, the other 18 players failed to show up after the 2 goal lead, or sat back on the lead, against a deep team, in their barn, after 20 minutes....it was inevitable. Whatever the message was in the first intermission, be it from the leaders or the coach...it was wrong. (I'm betting on the coach, but I won't get into that, because you all know my feelings about him)

So Habs lost a road game, it hurts and maybe I'm just being a fangirl, but I truly believe we have a great team, a unified lockerroom and I'm forgiving them for the no show in the last 40 minutes of the game tonight. It would have been nice to stick it to the Flyers in their building and we did...for the first 20 minutes, unfortunately, we didn't come out with the "W".

On a good note, Max Lapierre got out of his funk tonight with the Habs 2 goals. He had a great game and played smart. Gomez, will turn his game around, as he proved it last year by being a point a game player in the second half of the season and the playoffs.

It's a long season, there will be ups and downs, and in my opinion, a road loss to the Flyers, after we embarrassed them last week, is nothing to cry about, especially since they actually came out to play hockey rather than be the goons that they usually are.