Saturday, August 14, 2010

54, not THAT 54

So 54 days (not Studio 54) remain until we all get to sit in front of our TV's and laugh at the train wreck known as the Toronto Maple Leafs. 54 days until we get to see the Habs final roster for the 2010-2011 season. 54 days until we get to see the long awaited "C" on our jersey. 54 days until Komisarek gets about 18 minutes in penalties,nah just kidding. 54 days until we see what happens between Grabovski and Sergei Kostitsyn, umm, wait a sec (you know I HAD to mention my baby).
In all seriousness, 54 days remain until the demand for Paxil,Zoloft and Prosac subsides in Montreal. 54 days until the twitter hashtag #isitoctoberyet will  no longer be necessary, until June 2011 of course.
In 54 days, everything will be back to normal for all hockey fans.

I for one, CAN'T WAIT.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

A previous post (Nov.19,2009) - No respect from Sergei Kostitsyn

Allow me to introduce myself. I'm Cathie and I'm a die hard HABS fan,and everything surrounding the HABS. I am not a blogger, nor did I major in English or communications, but I thought it was about time I voiced my opinion.
This morning, on a sports talk show,that I listen to on a daily basis, someone by the name of Francois Gagnon, a sports writer for a french newspaper called La Presse, voiced his opinion on Sergei Kostitsyn. He claimed he didn't like him,period. He didn't like him because he had an attitude towards the media and looked down on him. He claimed that SK74  pretends not to understand english when everyone knows he speaks very well, because of the girls he talks to at night clubs. Meh.
Well, I will take this time to tell Mr Gagnon (who doesn't even earn the respect of me calling him Mr, but whatever)I will take this time to explain to him WHY SK74 and probably his brother Andrei (AK46)  & Roman Hamrlik (Hamr) don't like him very much. It all comes down to a famous,bogus story printed by La Presse last winter.You must have heard of the "mafia connection" and how these 3 HABS players were involved with a Mobster. If I remember the headline correctly, it said something about them being involved with the mafia for "gambling,women and vodka". That was the headline. Was it true? NOPE. Not one ounce of truth in that story, other than the fact that the HABS players were friends with this mobster.
I distinctly remember Francois, saying on this talk show,that due diligence was performed on La Presse's side,lawyers were involved,deep investigations were done,they had contacts in the police, hence they printed the story.They were positively sure that the story was true. Well, as it turns out, Francois, it was a sham/flop of a story.The only thing that the mobster did for them,was help them purchase LEGAL electronics from best buy,with AK46's LEGAL credit card. Even after the police issued a statement that there was nothing illegal involving the HABS (because they listened to 1000's of hours of telephone conversations), after the players were still allowed to travel throughout North America to play hockey, after they were allowed to go home for the summer, there is yet to be some sort of apology issued.
Every so often, ALL the media mention the brothers and the story from last winter, in an ironic sarcastic, media type way. Right, so it WAS true, but the police were protecting the brothers. GUH, gimme a break. You call yourselves journalists? In all this time, the media forgot that Hamr was involved too. The media is fixated on the brothers.
So you ask WHY you are NOT respected by SK74? Well because you don't deserve any respect from anyone in my opinion. You stood behind a bogus story about women, when AK46 is a married father. You protected the story by going on talk shows & TV, admitted that it might have been a little overblown, but never issued an apology. In the meantime, you've forgotten that there was a third player involved,but I guess he's not that important,because he doesn't threaten the french media's "golden boy's" position on the Habs. (We all know that Latendresse (Marshmallow)  is their golden child)
So,Francois, if you don't get the picture now, you should just crawl back under the rock you came from, and NEVER EVER talk about the Kostitsyn brothers again, unless it's to say what great hockey players they are. It's really getting tired. And, do me a favor, tell all other media types that their propaganda is NOT working.
Thank you
Stay tuned for my next rant about the HIRE MCGUIRE campaign on a certain talk show in Montreal.