Thursday, September 9, 2010

The Best and the Worst : A Fond Farewell

Since there are 28 days until the start of the Habs season, I will take this opportunity to spill my guts out to the interwebs,for all to read.I want these feelings out of my system before the new season. I won't be pointing fingers,because it takes 2 to tango and obviously Jacques Martin & Sergei Kostitsyn(SK) were not a perfect pair.Here goes:

In January,I was lucky enough to be able to purchase 2 ice level(Sec110) tickets to a Habs vs Sens game, right in Kovy's office. I was ecstatic at the chance to see him again, in the wrong jersey however, but him, none the less.I had the privilege to go with my good friend @MaryK_27,who is an avid Habs fan and fellow Kovy lover.
I then shamelessly contacted someone,who is now my friend and shall remain annonymous, who once told me if I ever wanted to meet SK74 at a game,to let him know.SO, as promised, steps were made.
Everything started falling into place,my perfect birthday EVER.As game day approached, I ate less and less. I was a nervous wreck We got to the Bell Centre at 5pm (the game was at 7). We get to the ticketmaster & my pass wasn't there.I must have gone there 100times by 6:30,pass was still not there.The guy felt so bad,that he offered to bring it to me when SK74  called it in.We get back to our seats for the pre game skate,and then it hit me.This overwhelming feeling of fear.Thoughts like "Are you crazy?What are you going to say to him?What if he's a jerk? What if you faint and die?" I must have driven Mary crazy,poor soul didn't even tell me.I worked myself up to this intense nervousness, I lost feeling in my hands, that at that point,I hoped the ticketmaster guy wouldn't bring me the pass.But just as the lights dimmed, he came. He brought me a Montreal Canadiens invitation pass from SK74 to ME!!! ME!!!

We have the best seats in the house,I got my pass, Kovy is on the ice and the HABS score!! How could it get any better than this? Well,Mary and I got the attention of a CBC cameraman and our celebration was aired nationwide!!! ON TV!!!We're FAMOUS! LOL :)
So THE moment comes upon me. End of game,Habs lose to the Sens again...and I'm off to the meeting place.I was led through security, corridors,more security, an elevator,more corridors and finally, to a large room,with curtained off sections. There were other groups of fans waiting. I was alone...trembling.Then security guys starts calling out: "group for Cammalleri", "Group for Gionta" then "Group for Mara". I was then officially all alone,so I decided to go hang out with the guard and at least see the Habs that were there. Those visits lasted about 3 minutes. They took pictures, signed autographs, Mara gave a kid his stick, and they were off. I was still there, ALONE.
At this point,my nervousness was gone. I just felt like the biggest fool in the world.I started pacing and cursing myself, until I heard"Are you here for SK74?"I turned, and there was only the guard. No SK. Then he proceeds to say "mumble mumble mumble, he had to board the bus to New York. He's sorry." I just asked him how I can leave, he guided me to a door, said sorry, and by the time I made it to the car,where Mary was waiting,I was crying so intensely, I couldn't breathe. It was a mixture of anger,sadness and embarrassment A cry that hurt my throat so bad,I couldn't speak, until I yelled out obscenities. I called him every bad word under the sun.Then I got angrier at myself for A) forgetting the Habs were playing the Rangers the next day and B) opting to meet SK rather than Kovalev.
At this point however, it would have been easy for me to join the rest of you and despise him.But I didn't, I couldn't. I wanted to kick the shit out of him, ,but I couldn't hate him.
Then,3 months later, everything became very clear to me.I went to an autograph session and when I met him, saw how shy he really is, and the fact that he is a child, a young boy. A baby. He'd look you in the eyes,then turn away. He blushed, smiled then looked away again.I was talking with my friend, not 1 foot away from him for quite some time, and every time he heard his name or "brothers", he'd look up, smile, fidget and look away. This was a young boy, who lived on his own for so long. Got fed to the wolves in Montreal, then Jacques Martin. Was unprotected and had no mentor like he did with the London Nights or the Bulldogs. So you know what, I forgive him for January. I won't start pointing fingers or blaming anyone. What's done is done. He's a Predator now,and all I can do is hope that he is given the opportunity to play and prove himself, and that he seizes whatever chance he does get.Coach Trotz, you have a jewel, please don't rough it up.
Cheers Sergei to a fresh new start and hopefully a successful long career in the NHL.

Bye bye baby I will miss you.

And that is it for me on this subject