Wednesday, December 22, 2010


From the looks of tonight's game, no one received Jacques Martin's message. Apparently he made Andrei Kostitsyn a healthy scratch to send a message to not only him, but the team as a whole. Well, we all saw the result tonight. Maybe JM should get the message that was displayed for HIM.

Firstly, you don't mess with a scoring line that has chemistry, be it the Kostitsyn- Pleky-Cammy line, or the Pouliot-Halpern-Darche line. You don't try to "fix what ain't broke" as the saying goes, but what do I know, I'm not a coach.

Secondly, If I hear about that "system" you talk about, get over it. You have a boat load of offensive players, USE them to score goals, not think of defense when they get the puck.

Lastly, you don't scratch one of your top scorers (Andrei Kostitsyn)on the team, to send a freakn message to a 3rd-4th liner, you scratch the 3rd-4th liner. You can't just pick out a Kostitsyn and make an example of him because he had a turnover. The Habs are 2nd in the league in turnovers,you're obviously doing something wrong.

And tell me Jacques, why Andrei? A 20-25 goal scorer? Did you EVER talk to him? First, he's not shooting enough, then he seems disinterested, then he doesn't play well defensively..according to you...HE'S A GOAL SCORER,THE HABS NEED GOALS TO WIN. SHEESH

I've had enough with Jacques Martin and his selective "pick a Kostitsyn to burn" mentality. If you're such a veteran's coach, last I checked, Andrei is a veteran. Congrats, I think you just lost the room.

OK, end rant.