Monday, March 28, 2011

Want some cheese with that whine?

I tried holding myself back from writing this post because it might offend some people, but decided to do it anyways. The reason for a blog is to be heard, so here I go.

We all know the Habs had a pretty horrible week. They couldn't score 1 goal in 3 consecutive losses to shut outs. I understand people are upset, so am I. I think what hurt the most was the fact that one of those teams was the Boston Bruins and they really laid it on us.What I find more upsetting, is the reaction by Habs fans and some MSM. Although MSM will do whatever they can to create controversy and hence ratings, sometimes they just don't know where or when to stop. Today was blame Gomez day again. Habs have been playing scared all week, zero drive, but it's all Scott Gomez's fault. I'm sure, if they weren't blaming him, they'd blame Andrei Kostitsyn..because that's how they roll. However, enough with them.

What has me upset the most, are the fans. POOR Fans. Habs haven't scored a goal in 3 consecutive games, they've hit a slump at the worst possible time of the year, and YOU think it's because they really don't care. Comments like "we should have gotten a goal scorer (at trade deadline)", "we need a big center","we need a tough guy", "Eff you Gomez and your $7 million", "fire Jacques Martin","this team has no heart"...etc. You know what I mean. I wonder what would have happened if the Capitals had this fan base when they went on their EIGHT, yup 8 game slump? I personally have had enough of this whining. Either support your team, and the players on it, or get out. There are a few players on the Habs that are having horrible seasons, but everyone is picking on Gomez. It's HIS fault he got that contract in New York and it's HIS fault that Montreal was on his trade list. Get over it. He's here and that's that. People seem to forget that he was also crucial in our play-off run last year.

Another issue I have, is the whole "fire Jacque Martin" BS. You know I'm not a fan of his, or his system, but look at what he's done. Look at what he did last year. This year, our injuries are even worse than last year, and yet, he has coached this team to pretty much solidifying a play off position for the last 2 months, at least.We all like to win, but no one wants it more than the players themselves, or even the coaches.

Why are the people kicking the team when they are down? I don't get that or accept it. Everyone has an opinion, but when people support the Habs only when they win and pick on them when they lose, I personally have no time for that.


  1. Isn't funny that when the Habs win against those same teams, no one questions the heart or size?

  2. Sing it, sister! :) I so agree, but the MSM (or any town's SM, for that matter) would have nothing to talk about if they didn't whine -- or the fans didn't).

    Go Habs Go! Still believin' in Cleveland!

  3. Damn it, I just wrote a nice long post agreeing with you with my own little rant and it was deleted.

    I'm not going to re-write it, but the point is - real fans are not bandwagoners, and real fans don't use particular players/coaches as scapegoats. It's a team game, and they win and lose as a team.

    Truth be told, the team looks completely spent on the ice. It's been an emotionally and physically draining season for these guys, and the cracks are definitely showing. Of course, this is the worst time for it to happen, but what can you do? Shit happens and you deal with it.

    Real fans get it. The bandwagon fans will holler about how the Habs rule when the team is winning but are the first ones to abandon ship, yelling and screaming and blowing up on talk radio when they are not.

    To sum up the fake "fans": Passionate? Yes. Bordering on crazy? Probably. Downright ridiculous? Absolutely.

  4. Thanks for the comments! Glad I didn't offend you guys.I just had enough of the "experts" on twitter & media Pretending they know what's happening. We've had a team riddled with major injuries for 2 years. We had a long playoff run last year, but some people just don't get it. It's about THEM. Pisses me off. And Yes, Number31, that's always the case. Habs win, the "experts" are happy because we rule. Habs lose, the "experts" could have done a better job. Eff that. I don't even read my timeline on twitter anymore because of the selfishness.

  5. People are stupid. I love the Habs. And the the boys will kick this slump. I know it. I BELIEVE!!!

    And even if they don't, well...maybe walking wounded for so many months has finally caught up with them. But I STILL LOVE THE HABS!!

    Honestly, why can't people just be fans and stop acting as though they had a say in what happens? I love the team no matter *who's* playing on it and regardless of whether we are winning or losing (though...I'll be the first to admit that it's more fun when they're winning).

    Excellent post. And if people hate on the team when we lose a few games (even important ones) then screw 'em. The Habs don't need "fans" like that anyways!

    GO HABS GO!!!